Pictures from my recent research trip to Spain 
Music: 'Utòpics, Idealistes, Ingenus' by Pau Alabajos who I thank for giving me so much of his time.
Pau is a protest singer songwriter from Valencia, he writes about the themes of government corruption,
censorship and sensationalism in the media, and the links between power and audience control. He sings in the language of the Valencia region, Valencià, which was repressed under the dictatorship.
All photos by me except the black & white, by Gerda Taro © ICP 

so far THANK YOU to...
Ernesto Viñas, Nick Lloyd, Pau Alabajos,
from the Foro por la Memoria: Jose Luis Muga Muños, Miguel Angel Muga Muños, Edurne Rubio Requena, Xulio Garcia Bilbao and all the members of the Guadalajara Foro por la Memoria / Guadalajara demo
Annie Park, Carmen Nácher Rodríguez, Jenny Brownrigg, Kathrin Sorg, Lúa Ocaña, Simon Manfield and Sue Carter

Made possible with the financial assistance of the Visual Artists Award Scheme: Forth Valley