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"Forty years of censorship"

Artistas Antifascistas


Committee on Enforced Disappearances examines report of Spain

"UN demands more support from Spain for Franco victims"

“I will never forget the screams of the executed”

Amnesty International press release: "Spain: Failure to address legacy of disappearances ‘shameful’"

"A 77-year wait to lay the past to rest"

'Stolen babies' - Morocco

"Vatican beatifies over 500 'martyrs of the faith' killed during Spanish civil war"

"Alleged Franco torturer found living, and running, peacefully in Madrid"

"Reopening old wounds in Spain and making a mockery of justice"

Memorial project

Remaking Picasso's Guernica

IBMT rededication to the memorial in Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh

Spain refuses to carry out international arrest order

Spain considers ending Franco's change to working hours

UN panel to investigate whether Spain is helping Franco regime victims

Alt-J 'Taro'

Claud Cockburn and Gerda Taro - The Mexican Suitcase

Gerda Taro's birthday

Llapis, paper, i bombes. 1936-1939 (Pencils, Papers and Bombs: 1936-1939.)

Irme Schaber's new Taro biography

"An opportunity to fight Fascism"

"Spanish Civil War memorial board sparks political row"

Franco's censorship in Hollywood

"Pressure builds to save monument to the International Brigades"

'El tiempo pasa, la impunidad permanece' by Amnesty International Spain

Amnesty International "Spanish attitude to justice a 'slap in the face' for the victims of Franco"

Amnesty International report on Spain's need to investigate Franco-era crimes

Chinese nationals in the International Brigades

'Insensibles' ('Painless')