"Spanish Civil War memorial board sparks political row"


"Plans to reinstate part of a memorial to men who fought in the Spanish Civil War have prompted a political row.

Councillor Kay Cutts had the board replaced with a general war memorial when her Tory group gained control of Nottinghamshire County Council in 2009.

Labour regained control in the recent elections and leader Alan Rhodes has found the board in storage and pledged to replace it outside County Hall."

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  •  The information board was unveiled in 1993, alongside a plaque and piece of artwork on the side of County Hall in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire
  • The brass plaque, artwork and information board commemorated the 19 men from Nottinghamshire who went to Spain in the 1930s to fight against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War
  • Five of these Nottinghamshire men died
  • The information board was removed in 2009 after the Conservatives took control of Nottinghamshire County Council
  • A brass memorial plaque, which remembers all of the people from Nottinghamshire who lost their lives in service of their country, was put in its place