Llapis, paper, i bombes. 1936-1939 (Pencils, Papers and Bombs: 1936-1939.)

Children's drawings from the Civil War

El País in English

""Dear Father, I want you to come soon. I'm living in the USSR, and I really love Spain." So wrote eight-year-old Sergio Vargas in colored pencil, remembering his family in Madrid. When the Civil War broke out, hundreds of children like Sergio became victims and spectators of the conflict.

Between the fall of 1936 and the end of the war, the Republican government created various school camps on the home front, especially in Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia - and devised an evacuation plan for kids in the most dangerous zones, such as Madrid or Teruel.

In these camps, the boys and girls drew pictures to express what they were feeling. The Aifos Gallery, in the Arts department at the University of Alicante, has just opened an exhibition entitled Llapis, paper, i bombes. 1936-1939 (or, Pencils, Papers and Bombs: 1936-1939.) The display consists of 100 drawings by these children, who were evacuated to various parts of Europe and looked after in encampments during the Civil War."

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