“I will never forget the screams of the executed”

El País in English

"Josep Almudéver, 94, is one of the five survivors of the International Brigades"

"They met by chance in a city square in Marseille, stared at each other, then came together in a brotherly embrace. Both had been part of the International Brigades and had fought on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). They knew it right away, because they were both wearing the same outfit, the one that the Spanish government gave away to brigade members when they were forced to leave Spain"


"When the brigade members left Spain, Almudéver managed to return to Valencia, towards the end of the war. Later he and his father fled to the port of Alicante, but he was caught and interned at the Albatera concentration camp. Even later, he became a maqui, an anti-fascist guerrilla fighter hiding out in the mountains."

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José Jordán