Chinese nationals in the International Brigades

"Around 100 Chinese nationals joines the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939"
El País in English

There was no time left. He had cancer, so he pulled aside the curtain that separated his bed from the other patients in the ward, and despite the warnings by nurses and doctors, he feverishly began putting some order into the items he kept inside two large boxes: documents, diaries, photographs of himself with other soldiers, books... He did this day and night. "They are more valuable than life itself," Xie Weijin told his daughter as he gave her these possessions one day in 1976 in Beijing. It was all he had left of his experience as a combatant in the Spanish Civil War. For 38 years, he had lugged all this material across two continents, overcoming the war, two internment camps in France, the Chinese-Japanese War and Mao's Cultural Revolution, including the repression.

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