The Transition, frame by frame
National Library brings together the work of cartoonists who chronicled the move to democracy
El País in English

"His cartoons and many others are part of a new exhibition at the Spanish National Library (BNE), La Transición en tinta china (or, The Transition in ink), that shows how the nation’s cartoonists were often ahead of the curve on many political and social issues during the transitional period following Franco’s death, in the late 1970s to the early 1980s.
For instance, there is a 1984 cartoon by Chumy Chúmez about the social protests over economic hardship — an eerily familiar theme to Spaniards today: “Nationality?” asks a severe-looking man from the superiority of his armchair.
“Poor,” is the simple reply.
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‘Remembering the Beatles,’ drawn by Kim for El Jueves magazine.