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"Trabajadores: Spanish Civil War Archives Online"
by Liz Wood, Assistant Archivist, Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick


Most of the online material comes from the archives of the Trades Union Congress. During the 1930s the Trades Union Congress produced literally thousands of files on a wide range of subjects. The TUC was not just interested in the day-to-day work of its affiliated unions, it looked into most topics that could affect the lives of working men and women in Britain. The organisation’s strong international links, through trade unions and socialist organisations in other countries, gave it a network of informants on conditions elsewhere in the world.

The TUC compiled over 40 files on the Spanish Civil War – more than on any other international issue during the 1930s. Their archives contain unique sources on the British response to the conflict, including documents on the policy of non-intervention, the ‘Aid Spain’ movement in Britain, the attitudes of the British and French governments, intervention by Germany and Italy, the response of British and international labour, and the attitudes of British Catholics towards the conflict. There are also files on related subjects, including the 1934 uprising in Asturias and Catalonia, and the 1936 Barcelona People’s Olympiad.

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