Franco's censorship in Hollywood

El País in English

"The censors used the Spanish ambassadors and consuls in the United States, … explains on a visit to Madrid. Above all they insisted on semantic matters: they didn’t want the words “Falangist” or “fascist” to be heard, having them replaced with “Nationalist.”
“And where Hemingway spoke of ‘Republican loyalists,’ Franco’s delegates got them to say ‘Reds’,” he says.


Consul José Pérez del Arco told the Spanish ambassador to the US, José Félix de Lequerica, that: “Having observed that the script retains, as was expected, the old terminology of ‘loyalists’ and ‘rebels,’ and presents the Spanish red zone in the traditionally distorted manner, as has been presented in multiple novels and films in this country, I have made a series of corrections to the script, with the objective of focusing it on historical truth.”"

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