Memorial project

Working with individuals and associations in Spain and Scotland I have designed a brass memorial plaque. The project plan is that it is part memorial, protest and artwork. The plaque will never be fixed to any one place. Instead it will be passed between associations and individuals, with photographs taken and recorded here: as well as a selection in a limited edition publication.

The journey began in Scotland as an expression of continued solidarity and will continue in Spain later this month, where it will remain and travel around the country indefinitely.

If you would like to be part of the project please contact Or, if you have already, and would like to submit your photograph, you can do so by sending it to the same address or via the project website.

In English: "In memory of those who fought in Spain defending the ideals of justice and freedom against Francoism during the Civil War and dictatorship”

Un proyecto de memoria documental viva en apoyo al movimiento de la ‘memoria histórica’ en España.

La placa comienza su viaje en Escocia y continua de forma indefinida por España desde el 24 de octubre 2013.

Para participar en el proyecto por favor enviar un correo electrónico, y para adjuntar su fotografía puede hacer clic en "Submit" o directamente por e-mail en formato jpg.