"A 77-year wait to lay the past to rest"

El País in English

"On successive nights between July and October 1936, different men with the same uniform, all members of the Falange, would come to their homes to seek them out. Their families witnessed the kidnappings, knowing they would never see their loved ones again. They would be "disappeared.""
"The important thing is that Inocencio is no longer in a ditch and has his name on a headstone," said Luis Gonzalo Martínez of his father's cousin. "He was only 16... They killed him to seek revenge on his father, who was disabled and a great friend of the Socialists and labor unions in the area."

The victims, 128 men and a woman, were between 16 and 70 years of age. They worked in the fields, on the railways, in factories and small businesses. What united them was what eventually killed them: they were all sympathetic to the Republican cause. "Killed by fascism in their fight for the defense of democracy and freedom," reads the memorial.


The Law of Historical Memory, introduced by the previous Socialist administration, provided grants to family associations seeking their loved ones but the PP government of Mariano Rajoy rescinded the aid shortly after coming to power in 2011 because, it said, of the recession.

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