First drawing for the project.

This is Isabel Hernando, pictured here at the demo in Guadalajara (8 May 2011) on the anniversary of the execution of her Republican uncle Vicente Relaño, 8th May 1943 (four years after the end of the civil war).

Vincente Relaño was a draftsman of the provincial government in Guadalajara, a member and general secretary of the communist party and a columnist in the local leftist newspaper 'Abril'. During the Spanish Civil War Relaño was critical of any illegal killings of innocent people committed by either side. He saved 16 priests and other innocent people and also fought against crimes. Despite this he was sentenced and executed by Franco's government.
source: Xulio Bilbao Garcia, Foro por la memoria Guadalajara

Drawing: Christine Jones, 2011, detail, pencil & watercolour