1 Aug 1910 - 26 July 1937
"[…] then travels with Ted Allan to a battle site located between Villanueva de la Cañada and Brunete. There, on July 25, one day before her return to Paris, Taro and Allan find themselves in the midst of a panicked retreat. They jump onto a moving car and are both hit when a Loyalist tank crashes into the car. Taro dies early the next morning in a field hospital of the 35th Division at El Escorial. She is the first female photographer to be killed while reporting on war." 
"Gerda Taro" ICP / Steidl publication


"Ce Soir, August 1 1937
Coverage of Taro's funeral in Paris on August 1, 1937, by Ce Soir. To the strains of Chopin's funeral march, tens of thousands accompanied the dead young photographer to the Père-Lachaise cemetery. Girls of the communist Union de Jeunes Filles de France escorted the coffin along with a bloc of prominent figures such as the French writer Louis Aragon, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and the Spanish poet José Bergamín."
"Gerda Taro" ICP / Steidl publication
Gerda Taro by Fred Stein © ICP