Declaration of Reparation and personal Recognition 
What is it?

Act 52/2007, known as the Historical Memory Act, recognises the right of those who suffered persecution and violence during the Civil War and the Dictatorship to moral restitution and recovery of their personal and family memory.

For this reason, in its Section 4, the Act considers the right of those who where subjected to persecution, sentences, sanctions or to any other form of personal violence due to political, ideological or religious reasons, to obtain Acknowledgement and Restitution.

These reasons include membership of or collaboration or relations with political parties, unions, religious or military organisations, ethnic minorities, secret societies, Masonic lodges and resistance groups, as well as conduct linked to cultural, linguistic or sexual orientation options.

In this manner, Spanish democracy shall honour those citizens who directly suffered the injustice and insults derived from the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship of Franco; those who lost their lives and also those who lost their freedom, suffering imprisonment, deportation, seizure of their property, forced labour or internment in concentration camps within or outside our frontiers. Likewise, recognition shall also be given to those who lost their country due to a long, heartbreaking and, in many cases, irreversible exile.

source: Ministerio de Justicia