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Francoists and dictator's detractors to both get their say in official dictionary

If you agreed with his regime, then you can read Luis Suárez's entry of the late generalísimo's biography. Suárez, president of fascist group the Brotherhood of the Valley of the Fallen and member of the Francisco Franco Foundation, studiously avoids using the word "dictator" to describe his hero.

But if you don't agree with what the Franco regime did, you can also refer to an addendum that will be incorporated as part of the new set of volumes in which another historian - in this case, it hasn't been decided who - will write a different sketch of the person from another point of view.

The entire row over the inaccuracies included in the different essays broke out last summer after the Dictionary was formally presented by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía. It was immediately learned that Suárez, a Franco admirer, had been given the job of writing the dictator's entry, glorifying his military accomplishments without addressing the tragedy of the thousands who died during his 1939-1975 regime.

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