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"Memory is not restricted to the past, but is a guarantor of the future." 
Nicolás Sánchez Albornoz


Q. Given what you say, as well as the controversy over the sentence handed down to Judge Garzón, what do you think should be done regarding Historical Memory?
A. First, all the cards should be laid on the table. Everything must come out, and that's what we have historians for. The post-Franco state has taken great care to ensure access to government and military sources has been closed. Historians have made great strides but they haven't managed to clarify everything. First, the truth has to come out and after that it must be made public. Finally, the descendants of the victims must be given closure.

Q. The issue of Historical Memory and the Garzón case prove that Francoism is not dead. In that sense, the judge is a new victim.
A. Of course. Although I would change your wording ever so slightly. It's true that Francoism has not died out, but you have to add that what remains just represents a segment of the population, because other groups will not have it. Unfortunately, it is quite a large segment that is still very active in the social and political apparatus of the country. But it must be acknowledged that the majority of Spaniards are disgusted by these things, and in general, Spaniards are much better than those nuns who stole the babies.


A. [...]There is a return to certain Francoist roots in society, and that is worrying. A very unpleasant Spain is surfacing. The big difference from the Franco regime is that an authoritarian regime designed by a party was imposed, and so far in Spain, the principle of free elections is being upheld. So at least there is some hope.

Q. Do you think the Republican spirit still lives on?
A. There are two Republican spirits: one is evocative of the Republic, and the other is a new kind of Republican spirit, found in people who were not Republicans in 1931 and may ignore the period from 1931 to 1936, but most certainly question why that man should be king. It's a rediscovered republicanism.

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Photo: Jordi Socías