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Franco to be stripped of Valencia mayor title

The city of Valencia will have to strip Francisco Franco, Spain's longtime dictator, of the title of honorary mayor, which he still enjoys 37 years after his death.

The decision was handed down by a local court after the nationalist coalition Compromís challenged the decision by the city of Valencia, run by Mayor Rita Barberá of the Popular Party, to preserve the title, on the strength of the argument that Franco is already dead.

But Compromís argued that "33 years after the Spanish Constitution was proclaimed, to maintain this distinction for the top figure in the military uprising and subsequent dictatorship is a clear attack on the legal system."

Part of the Historical Memory Law, which aims to seek redress for victims of the Civil War and Franco regime, recommends such measures be taken.

source: http://elpais.com/elpais/2012/08/01/inenglish/1343822469_436589.html