"There was a holocaust in Spain, too"

El País in English

When Natowitz wrote his last will and testament, he decided to leave money to the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, which was set up to collect testimonies about the victims of Franco, and to give a decent burial for those shot during the Civil War and put in mass graves. "I wrote to them asking for their bank account details, and they were very surprised. They invited me to one of the funerals they had arranged. I thought that I would be a neutral observer, and that it would not affect me. But I cried like a baby when I saw the children and grandchildren transfer the remains of their loved ones. I lost 20 members of my family in the holocaust. There was a holocaust in Spain as well, even if many Spaniards are unaware of it. It is a scandal that 40 years after the death of Franco there are still thousands of bodies lying in mass graves. It makes me very angry."

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©Claudio Álvarez