Supporters of a new Republic call for a change in government

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More than 2,000 people turned out on Monday evening for a demonstration in downtown Madrid in support of the abolition of Spain’s constitutional monarchy and the reestablishment of a Republican form of government.
Marching under scores of tricolor flags from the II Republic and Spanish Communist Party flags, supporters said they had a number of reasons why they believe Spain should change its current form of government.
“We are here today because we believe that having the king as a figurehead is useless,” said Miriam Jiménez, 18, an art restoration student.
“We believe that having the king as a figurehead is useless”
“I lived in silence and in fear during the post-war period, with one uncle who had gone missing and my father in jail,” explained 70-year-old Concha Torralba, who was wearing a purple top, one of the colors of the old Republican flag.
“I came here to march in our own true colors and not those of the occupation forces,” she said.
“The economic crisis has now brought on a political crisis,” said Francisco Pérez Esteban, one of the coordinators of the event. “We believe that the only way out is to establish a new Republic.”·
The march was organized by the National Board for the Republic platform.
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